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PayPal Rewards Card

Citi proposed a long term partnership with PayPal to create a new product, PayPal Rewards Credit Card. Citi pitched this to PayPal with user stories to show different use cases, strategies to promote the card, broaden the customer base and highlight the unique selling points for partnering with Citi. This project was a complete product design involving brand teams and stakeholders from both Citi and PayPal. Set to launch later this year.




Citi Australia & PayPal

Project type

UX & User journey, Product design

Project outline

The scope of this project was to create user personas, UX stories and responsive UI designs for handling the integration within Paypal's existing app, dashboard designs that worked with Citi customer databases and all while adhering to the brand principles of Citibank and Paypal. Planned for a soft launch in Q2 2021.


I was involved right from the proposal of this partnership. It started as a speculative work, creating three use cases for a potential product and pitch to PayPal how Citi can help by collaborating. To convince PayPal and all the stakeholders, we created a complete user journey right from the application process to all post-login screens to manage this card. I had to do a lot of guesswork, considering that a brand like PayPal had strict brand positioning and guidelines. As it was a pitch, we didn't have access to any such brand assets from PayPal. Therefore a lot of wires and low fidelity designs were designed based on PayPal's existing user flows.

Exploration & Refinements

PayPal was very impressed by our efforts to create this pitch, and they were excited to collaborate to create this new product code-named "Project Apollo" internally. The speculated user journey was accurate enough to PayPal that we got immediate brand approvals. I converted the wireframes into high-fidelity prototypes based on user flows (positive and negative flows). Developing this product depended on both PayPal and Citi's team. Basic details are integrated into PayPal's existing post-login screens, ensuring a seamless experience to check their usage and pay dues. Citi's existing secure framework is integrated to enable card management and additional banking features (Pay with Points, EPP, LOP, etc.).


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