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Hey there!

I am Koushik Gopal C

Product Designer from India.

Koushik - Product Designer

I am passionate about creating optimised user experiences and user interfaces that reduce friction
and encourage the user's to engage, interact and achieve
their goal.

After spending 7+ years working for global banks and FMCG companies, I currently head a team of product designers, solving some of the complex business/user problems in an ever-evolving Fin-tech space in India. I craft digital products that are scalable and user-friendly and helps investors make an informed decision for their wealth management needs.

core skills

Project planning


Interface Design


Building Design system

I love to design a simple, goal oriented interface based on user research and analytics. I follow the atomic design methodology for a clear and consistent workflow. As for UX, I analyse the best practices to tune them to fit defined user personas.

I enjoy working in a team and collaborating with the developers and the technical engineers. My knowledge in front-end development helps me communicate my design concepts and convert them into implementable digital products.


I specialise in optimising user experience & user journeys, providing UX strategies for meeting business goals, creating hi-fi visual design prototypes and working with all the stakeholders to take any project live.
Communication, a strong work ethic and self-discipline have driven my experience in a myriad of specialities.

If you’d like to talk to me about your upcoming project, or interested to know more,  feel free to reach out. 😊