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Broker Portal

Cloud-based platform for Citi representatives to actively recruit, train, onboard and manage Citi Mortgage Brokers.




Citi Australia

Project type

Product design, User journey, Interface design

Project outline

Citibank works with Mortgage brokers to help in their customer acquisitions. Anyone can apply to become a broker and work with Citi as a Citi certified broker. The process involves completing five checkpoints; applying for accreditation, verification document credentials, training, Citi's approval and certification. This process is done manually and involved a lot of paperwork. Citi wanted to solve this, reduce the time, effort, manual labour and reduce error by digitising this process.


The most challenging aspect of this project was dependencies on various teams within Citi and the third-party vendors who helped in document verification and background checks. The Mortgage training module was practically not available. Communicating with the applicants about the application process was often done in person and so needed automated triggers to keep the applicant up-to-date about the process. Managing this process needed a central solution that integrates all applicant touch-points.

Exploration & Refinements

Several possible routes can solve some problems in this process. But to meet the security standards, integration, scalability meant that we needed to build a bespoke solution like a PWA. Although it was the best possible long term solution, Citi had some security considerations as they will need to host sensitive information about the brokers and applicants. Alternately, we decided to build this on a CRM which plugs into available Citi APIs and consolidates all the touchpoints into one convenient platform. The cloud-hosted application form will input data and triggers relevant emails throughout the applicant's accreditation process to keep them updated. Citi's team can access all accredited broker's information when needed, update their application status and have a complete list of all the Citi brokers in one dashboard. By working with Citi's mortgage team and the copy team, we refined the training module, built and integrated it within the CRM.


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