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Open Banking

Based on the new regulatory guidelines in Australia, every bank should be able to securely share with individuals and businesses access to specified data about them. Implementing common data standards to help consumers to view their data via trusted third party APIs and provide the ability to authorise, access, approve requests, manage and revoke data sharing whenever required.




Citi Australia

Project type

UX/UI, Product Design, Scalable framework

Project outline

Citibank wanted to create UX flows and wireframes that showed a user's journey through several use cases (positive and negative) to enable this data sharing process. The core requirement was to create a scalable solution that can be adapted to all the banks in Citi's brand portfolio.


Citi's brand portfolio includes nine partner banks. Building a solution that is simple and easy to replicate was challenging. Each partner bank has its differences in UX, UI and development constraints.

Exploration & Refinements

The initial idea was to salvage any existing tools and APIs available for each bank. But due to the inconsistencies in the build environments, non-accessible APIs, security concerns and dependencies on several other agencies to complete the build were not practical. The solution was to create a framework that plugs in to an existing user's database, authenticates, allows them to authorise access and set controls to their data (similar to making an online payment). - The user uses their unique identifier (username/account number) to trigger an OTP. - OTP sent to the user's registered mobile phone for authentication - On successful authentication user selects the data they wish to share, set time limits and approves. - All the approvals are collated and presented in a dashboard - The dashboard shows all the present and past consents of the user, providing an overview of all the institutions that have access to their banking data in one convenient place. - This dashboard is available within the user's online banking portals to manage, review, edit or revoke access to their data anytime.


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