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Citi Mobile App

New look, New Features, Improved Security and a complete revamp under the hood with a personalised, proactive and intuitive UX/UI. This overhaul was a strenuous project as it involved design and development for multiple regions simultaneously with several stakeholders in the approval process.




Citi Australia

Project type

Mobile app, UX, User Journey, Design system

Project outline

With the latest updates and ever-changing tech space, Citi wanted to overhaul its Mobile app and create a more scalable, user-friendly mobile app. It was a multi-region project with several agencies helping in the personalisation of the app. My scope was to identify and suggest potential improvements in the existing user journeys, revamp region-specific user-flows to the new modular-based design system and manage the handover of high fidelity screens to dev.


There were several stakeholders in the design and development approval process at multiple levels, including the product owners, brand and tech teams. Getting timely approvals, progressing to design new user flows and sharing a dev hand-off for the approved screens was a never-ending challenge. It was a ground-up redesign meaning the existing design became obsolete. Understanding the global design system and personalising for Australia had its issues. There were several jargon updates, product name differences which were tedious considering the scale of this app refresh.

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