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Member get Member

Member Get Member (MGM) is an acquisition campaign that targetted Citi Card customers to refer their family and friends to signup for a Citi Credit Card. It was a three-month campaign that rewarded referrers with reward points for every successful referral. The referrer was to earn 1,000,000 reward Points during this campaign period.




Citi Australia

Project type

User Journey, Marketing Campaign, Sales funnel

Project outline

Citi's Cards teams wanted to create a campaign that increased Citi Credit Card subscribers organically. They came up with the idea of a referral system to boost their sales. The scope of this project is to create an online journey that generated unique referral links, kept track of the referral progress and rewarded the referrer with up to 1,000,000 reward points. This whole user journey was to develop an ad-hoc that plugins into existing user journeys in the credit card application and approval process.


It was an open brief from Citi. Challenge was to design a user flow for the referee and referrer, an email campaign that informed users about this referral program, keep track of the referrals and show the progress to get 1,000,000 reward points. It involved the design team, front-end UI and tech teams to build this.

Exploration & Refinements

I developed the user stories for each user type and researched ways to integrate all the requirements into an ad-hoc journey that sits out of Citi's post-login flow. It is was required to ensure the user data was secure and untouched. The referral progress was made accessible within this ad-hoc journey without disrupting existing post-login banking flows. It was the best and preferred solution as there will be no service interruption on implementation. I designed the emails for the referrer, referee, marketing landing pages based on the user stories and a simple dashboard for the referrer to know the status of their referrals. This solution got integrated using cloud CRM tools to map the user journey and set relevant milestone triggers.


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